…the unicorn we didn’t know existed.

(//. unicorn meaning someone rare, precious and beautiful)

Looking back at Basketball Wives LA Season 1, Episode 6, it’s unbelievable at how much Draya Michele has grown as a woman and as a brand. I don’t think there’s anyone working as hard as Draya to continuously evolve and show the world just how grown they are.

The hardest part about watching this episode in particular is witnessing Draya breakdown and realising just how young she was when this show aired. The other women all had life experience, yet here was Draya, just finding her way and figuring these women out. Now when you really dig deep into the archives of all the old episodes of BBWLA (seasons 1 and 2 mostly) it’s disappointing to witness the amount of bullying that Draya was subjected to in the name of entertainment.

Now it’s not all doom and gloom because the sliver lining is clear for us to all see. Out of all the women on the show, Draya has gone on to have the most success especially with her brands; FineAssGirls, a streetwear apparel brand for women, MintSwim, a swimwear line that started off as just 4 styles which has now garnered celebrity support from the likes of Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and Teyana Taylor and now the newly launched Beige&Coco, which is a contemporary chic women’s fashion range, with some influence from the UK fashion scene.

I tweeted last week that leaving BBWLA was the best thing Draya could have done because in all honesty Draya is now bigger than the show and has no place being there. She used it for what it was, which was a stepping stone and now we’ve gone onto witness Draya be in numerous magazines from Vogue Brazil to most recently Schön.

As Draya enters the next phase in her career I would like to see her involved in some type of philanthropy work aimed at helping young girls. I no longer want to see just what Draya’s up to, I want to see what Draya cares about.

I think other women should definitely use Draya as an example of how reality TV can work in your favour if you’re prepared to give the cameras full access into your life. The key takeaway from Draya’s situation is knowing when to walk away and acknowledging when you’ve generated enough fame/followers to build your empire.

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