[drop one of clues bombs for a young yg like matt reed] @cthagod voice //. {lol}

I’ve been waiting for the longest to talk about TheMattReedProject on the blog. I think for me personally, why it’s taken so long is I’ve just been waiting for the right song to come out.

I was going to mention him just before he dropped ‘on my line’ but in all honesty I wasn’t really feeling the song and actually thought Matt might be taking a different route *musically* so decided to hold off. Then he released ‘know better’ and shortly after he dropped ‘slide’ with both tracks available to play on the 2017 Playlist on the CULTURECREEPR soundcloud page.

What I like the most about Matt is his manner and demeanor. It really shows through on every track. Hes got an OG swagga, mixed with being articulate and street smart which is a rarity amougst todays current climate of rap. He has an elimant of The Weeknd in terms of speaking on his feelings and his life but in a way thats relevant to him and in his style. It doesn’t come across as corny or fake and thats what I like. And, he also has that smooth boy talk, which for girls who like a book smart trapstar, it’s an added bonus.

My favorite Matt Reed album/EP… hmm, if you asked me 2 months ago I would have said ‘Forever A Student’ but the more I listen, ‘No Hesitation’ does it for me. It’s a well rounded project.

For the rest of 2017 Matt really has to stay consistent with the music. It’s crucial that he drops music regularly for more people to take notice and hear him. In all honesty, this guy is gonna need some kind of buzz . I think he needs a producer how Tory Lanez has Play Picasso, how Future has DJ Esco and so on.

If I could have Matt collaborate with anyone I would pick Tory Lanez [Tory needs to bring his New Toronto style and nothing less, none of that singing sh!t], Nipsey Hussle, Wale and possibly Future. I know a very diverse bunch, but from my perspective, Matt is literally a mixture of all 4 rappers. Matt’s rap style isn’t aggressive but you know he’s on his grind. I would like to hear more word play in his lyrics and definitely hear him spazz out more on tracks like ‘slide’.



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