j hus //. common sense [album]

I honestly think J Hus has cracked the commercial formula with this album. The album entitled ‘Common Sense’ sounds true to who J is as a person but it also sounds commercial. What I like the most is there’s no gimmicks with this guy, he doesn’t come across as corny. He’s literally just himself and that’s refreshing, especially when we’re in an era where we’ve got to question if rappers really are who they say they are.

I really think ‘Siprit is the perfect tune for festivals in the summer. It’s such a feel good song [Black, White, Asian,,, your bussin a whine -lol]. I’m not sure if J Hus will be able to create a buzz in time for this summer but if someone like Low Steppa got behind it and dropped a remix, the song could definitely do some serious numbers. I think it would also open J Hus up to a more mainstream audience.

Despite what people say, mainstream is not selling out [depending on how you do it] it’s about being commercial and being diverse as an artist, while still pleasing your core fans and new ones. There’s no specific formula to something like being mainstream. I think it comes down to how much you love music and what type of artist you want to be. Either way, the opportunity is there for J Hus if he wants it….




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