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what would do to achieve your dreams? what or who are you prepared to give up?


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i really like OFF WHITE [although it’s built off of total hype. whether that’s good or bad is your decision].

virgil forms part of a handful of designers that i actually look forward to seeing during fashion week. i find his shows always have a meaning behind it and hey seem to keep getting better each year.

check out the video below from THE NEW YORK TIMES

Virgil Abloh is Saving Luxury With T-Shirts | In the Studio

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[the ability to do something even when it scares you]

What does courage look like to you? For me, it lives in the same place as fear. So how do you overcome fear? There is no right way to answer that question other than you need to find your courage to truly conquer your fears.

Might be harsh but that's what it takes.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

[quit social media – dr. cal newport] TEDxTysons

let me know what you guys think about social media.

i don’t have a personal account anymore as i don’t really enjoy using or engaging with the people on there. i do use it from a business standpoint but even then then i find it a chore of having to post and curating the perfect content.

social media very much is its own beast that at times can become very discouraging and hateful towards individuals and social groups. at what point do you as individual draw the line and walk away from the platform?

i found the talk by dr. cal newport really interesting with a refreshing perspective on quitting social media. as always, let me know your thoughts…


ezro – [ghost in the blue]  //// .. {{yes people, this is available on tidal and soundcloud}}

i’ve been holding out on sharing this with you guys because i’ve just enjoyed listening to this sooo much. the UK doesn’t just do grime or drill we also do conscious rap and it’s packaged in the form of ezro.

i’m not going to act like i’ve heard all of this guys music before [because i haven’t] but i think i connected with this so much because i understand the place, of where ezro’s coming from.

whenever you hear an artist speak on their life situations and goals/dreams for the future, you as the fan, can’t help but identify with them and feel like their speaking to you personally.

i’ve literally listened to this album consistently for the past 3 weeks and for a female that listens to music everyday i put this in the same lane as frank oceans blond because i listen to that album a couple of times a month. so that’s how i know ‘ghost in the blue’ is a really good project.

i also felt like the tracks were placed in a specific order because there’s a real energy throughout the album and it’s very consistent. you can tell this was a well thought-out project.

there are many topics you can identify with individually on this album. for me the most prominent themes were; division amongst friends, cultures and the importance of sticking together.

i recommend you guys take the time out to really listen to this album.

feel free to stream below or on the CULTURECREEPR soundcloud page.