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[frank ocean – blond]

i’m just posting this album because it’s one of my favourites.

frank needs {{ 🏆 x5 grammys }} for this masterpiece.

this is definitely the male version to sza’s ctrl,,,,. both incredible artists in their own right.

please respect and appreciate this album!


[sza – ctrl]

it’s taken me over a week to talk about this album because i couldn’t get past track 6 <😩>.

vogue called this ‘the most anticipated album of the year’ and sza doesn’t disappoint.

i love this album. it flows so nice from one track to the next. i love the way sza describes her situations of being in love, her thoughts on life, bearing her insecurities as a woman and not having her life together. it reminds me of frank ocean’s blonde and that album is beyond epic.

sza is in a lane of her own. her r&b, neo-soul sound fits against her vocals so effortlessly. sza is for a more grown audience and that’s what i love the most. i feel exclusive just listening to her music. infact, i feel like she’s talking to me, about me.

as you know, i only use tidal which unfortunately doesn’t have sza’s entire back catalogue but luckily, it does have her z ep where you can listen to my favourite sza track julia.

i’ve reposted ctrl on the CULTURECREEPR soundcloud page and you can listen below {{but will need soundcloud go to stream the entire album in full}}. enjoy!