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i really like OFF WHITE [although it’s built off of total hype. whether that’s good or bad is your decision].

virgil forms part of a handful of designers that i actually look forward to seeing during fashion week. i find his shows always have a meaning behind it and hey seem to keep getting better each year.

check out the video below from THE NEW YORK TIMES

Virgil Abloh is Saving Luxury With T-Shirts | In the Studio


[versace – spring 2018 menswear]

god you have got to love a versace show! not only is the setting so beautiful it’s just so organized and the flow of the show has such impeccable timing.

i hope i’m not the only one but i always feel a slight sadness when i watch a versace show just because you can always feel gianni’s spirit there [gone way too soon]…. donatella is doing a great job of keeping his {{gianni’s}} vision alive.

i’m loving the direction donatella is moving the brand, it feels cool, street, wearable and just so versace. once again versace have killed it. for me everything was perfect.