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[playboi carti – magnolia]

<<co-sign from jigga>>


CARDI B //. *red barz*

cardi needs to rap over more beats like this. the beat is cold. I think this might actually make it into my car [might!]

in terms of lyrics and flow everything sounds good for this track but I think cardi needs more time to establish her rap style and work on her delivery. I don’t think rapping is something that comes naturally to cardi but it’s obvious she has a passion for it and as a music consumer I can appreciate that

what I did like about the video is cardi’s choice of clothing. it’s nice to see a female rapper putting out music fully clothed and not half naked. i think this is definitely going to change some peoples perceptions of cardi  in terms of her being taken more serious as a credible artist. now I’m not saying she wasn’t credible before but in a world where sex sells, cardi clearly chose to opt for the covered up look and drop real bars

finally, very cheeky of me to say but i would like to know whether offset [migos] had a helping hand with this track.. no i’m not trying to discredit cardi’s lyrical talent [disclaimer; i did not mention ghost writing] but what i mean is, i’m wondering if offset is helping cardi in terms of maybe mentoring her, kinda like biggie did with lil kim and jay z did with foxy brown….just a thought

[to all my illuminati conspiracy theorists, yes i do believe they are getting cardi b ready to take over nicki minaj’s spot – lol]

Everyone lost their minds last week when K-Dot dropped The Heart Part 4. The topic of conversations were the subliminal disses towards Big Sean and Drake. On top of all that, it looks like Kendrick will be blessing the world with a new album as he alluded to this with his lyric “Y’all got ’til April the 7th to get y’all shit together“. Either that, or Kendrick is reminding us this is the same day Joey Bada$$ is also due to drop his next project.

Top lines for me were…

Ho, Jay Z Hall of Fame, sit yo’ punk-ass down!
(Sit yo’ punk-ass down!)
 [drake diss, i don’t care what anyone says but jay z is the GOAT]

bitches is fake bad [nicki minaj diss, ok I maybe reachin but still valid]