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[paigey cakey – special]

i’m going to be completely honest with you guys when i say that paigey cakey isn’t someone i necessarily listen to. for me, although her song’s are catchy, i just feel like her music sounds the same.

also, i would say that her current fanbase is of a younger demographic but i actually think that’s a good thing because as she grows as an artist, her audience will grow with her and she’ll attract more fans along the way especially as she grows as a woman and gains even more life experience.

however this new song ‘special’ i really like <💜💜💜>. its such a vibe. i think it sounds very grown for paigey {a direction she needs to continue in} and i think the autotune is perfect. it’s very subtle. i would love for her to make more music like this.

you know who this girl needs to collaborate with…,,, kirko bangz! yes, this girl needs to somehow, someway, get on a track with kirko bangz. it would sound too nice and elevate paigey to a level that i think she’s ready to be at now in terms of collaborating with different artists.

i think at this point paigey cakey just needs to drop track after track now, drop two more videos and then give us a mixtape for the new years. if tory lanez can do it {and yes i am comparing her to tory lanez because that’s who i think she is the female version of for the simple fact that she raps and sings and is real wavey} then i don’t see why she can’t <shrugs shoulders>.

you can find the song reposted on the CULTURECREEPR soundcloud page but checkout the video below.



Kirko dropped his new mixtape Back Flossin’ which was produced by SoundMob. The mixtape definitely has a distinctive sound which matches Kirko’s tone.

The problem is this tape is forgettable, not because it’s not good but because Kirko doesn’t release music as regular as other artist. The tape is dope so I hope we hear more from him in 2017.


wave up

my bih

love 2 trap


yeah yeah