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meek mill [young black america] ft. the dream


[co-sign, co-sign] I guess we all need one of those from time to time..!

So Drake and Tory Lanez appear to have finally ended their long running feud. The real question is¬†whether they’ll make music together. Personally, I hope not! ūüĎÄ

People [DJ Akademiks mostly] always says Lanez bites Drake’s style [and a few other rappers] but how is a rapper who allegedly sounds and takes from everybody else in the game, gonna bring anything to a track with a rapper who supposedly sounds like him! <confused face>

I don’t even know how I feel about all of this but I hope Tory uses this to his advantage. Maybe, this is where the Drake reign even starts to go down hill… [but he’s won more billboards¬†in one night than¬†Michael Jackson, I hear you say]. Listen, we’re living in a culture where authenticity is no longer required to be deemed as credible. It’s all about the fame and the ‘here¬†and¬†now’¬†rather than¬†being remembered as a Great. The word legend is thrown around so freely nowadays, that you can be deemed or declared a legend at any moment of your career. That’s nothing to brag or boast about. If anything it, it makes you basic because you don’t have a back catalogue of GREAT work. There’s also no real standout defining moment in your career as an artist, where people [the critics] can stay ‘it was that moment in time, they became the greatest artist of all time’.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. It makes sense for both Drake and Tory Lanez to be cordial. After all, Lanez is about to go on the Nobody’s Safe Tour with Future, and he and Drake are friends¬†and maybe Drake might make an appearance….,, like who knows!!

Peep some of the YouTube comments below,¬† the day the photo dropped…



//. ghostwriter [a person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author]

<I am not a Drake hater!> *insert; drake bashing*

Honestly, I am not a Drake hater. I think my favourite Drake album has to be NWTS. From my perspective, this is by far Drake’s best album. But lets be clear.., Drake hasn’t made a [classic] album from start to finish.¬†I know some would consider¬†IYRTITL a classic but according to Drake and the world it’s a mixtape so that doesn’t count..

*no, Take Care is not a classic either – sorry*

But here is my problem with Drake.

In his¬†¬†interview with DJ Semtex on February 18th, when asked about Quentin Miller and his creative input on IYRTITL, Drake attempted to downplay Quentin’s contribution and described it as a collaborative process in a [small space] and how although Quentin did help it was mostly his [Drakes] execution which made the tracks what they were. Hmmm… ok…

Drake also went on to recall his conversation with Boi-1da¬†where the producer [according to Drake] described¬†Quentin’s ideas¬†as “good but they need[ed] work”.

I can’t be the only person who found that entire section of the interview awkward. Drake came across¬†as the kid who got caught out for cheating but believed they still would have passed the test even if they hadn’t of cheated.

Drake tried to put clarity on the situation but personally, I don’t think this has done him any favours. At the most, he subliminally confirmed the rumors and basically said to his audience “you’re stupid if you don’t think this happens behind the scenes”.

Whether Drake wants to accept it or not the ghost-writing accusations has and will always continue to cast doubt over his rap legacy, however there is not much he can do at this point.¬†The More Life Playlist [whatever that is] wasn’t as great as people hyped it up to be either. It’s now May and I don’t hear or see anyone talking about it. I hope Jlo got paid $500k for the ‘If you had my love’ sample as that and the Giggs ‘KMT’ song are the¬†only songs I remember. Although I did like the Kanye feature but it’s so off key with Drake’s ad libs. It’s like his voice couldn’t carry it’s way through the song, lol! – Let me just leave it there before these Drake stans get the blog shutdown.

You can watch the interview below and decide for yourself

//. comeback [NOUN]

I finally had a chance to watch¬†MISSY ELLIOTT’S¬†new video ‘I’m Better’ (currently with 8.1M views in just over a week) and I’ve read so many comments calling this a comeback, which from¬†my¬†perspective I wouldn’t call it that, as MISSY will always be a relevant artist.¬†But¬†in terms of the video and song, I was a little disappointed.

Firstly, let me address a comment that I read in Fader¬†which stated that¬†MISSY was “going in with a vintage-Migos triplet flow and harmonizing”. *sigh

MISSY has been in the game for so long that¬†the above comparison/description¬†was not necessary. Now don’t get me wrong Migos are cool and I like them but that comment just didn’t feel quite right to me. We are talking about MISSY ELLIOTT here! The woman who gave us SUPA DUPA FLY, BEEP ME 911, THE RAIN, HOT BOYZ, ALL N MY GRILL, TWEET, NICOLE WRAY, AALIYAH, I could go on but you catch my drift.

Now the video was artistic and I loved the part where it¬†switched to everyone dancing underwater but the video itself, wasn’t as sharp or as smooth as we’ve previously seen with¬†MISSY videos.

Now the song….who is LAMB? My cousin said to me that if you didn’t know his name and never saw the video you would have thought it was Timbaland and to be fair she was right. Now you guys will think I’m crazy but I think Meek Mill would have¬†been the perfect¬†choice for this song because he has so much energy and this song needed energy and¬†hype,¬†which all comes with¬†Meek. So MISSY, please collaborate with Meek because I think it would crazy and I wanna see him win so bad in 2017.

See the ‘I’m Better ft. LAMB video below and as always let me know your thoughts.