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[the ability to do something even when it scares you]

What does courage look like to you? For me, it lives in the same place as fear. So how do you overcome fear? There is no right way to answer that question other than you need to find your courage to truly conquer your fears.

Might be harsh but that's what it takes.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

[how I saved $20,000 in a year, how to save money] – kristen basore

i’ve watched so many of these “how i saved this amount, how i saved that amount…” [vlogs] and they never really worked for me. then i came across this vlog and it was perfect. this video was great as it matched my way of saving and the processes i already had in place to support me on my journey to financial independence.

a piece of advice i like to give people is, it doesn’t matter how much you earn, if you can’t control your money when you earn pennies, how do you expect to control your money when you’re earning your desired amount. get on top of your finances, don’t let your finances get on top of you.


i can’t believe i watched this video nearly 4 weeks ago. as i rewatch watch it again now, i still find it just as inspiring. i’ve personally never heard of dawn richard but appreciate all the great motivational gems she dropped in this video. what resonated the most with me is about not fitting in and embracing your uniqueness. find your path and own it.