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the most anticipated song of 2017 [ispeak for myself]

my two faves on one track

although i wasn’t sure at first as it takes a few listens to get into its definitely a vibe. i think its the beat that threw me off. it’s a really different sound compared to what we usually hear future rap on

i’m not counting but i think this makes it three consecutive wins for lanez


[paigey cakey – special]

i’m going to be completely honest with you guys when i say that paigey cakey isn’t someone i necessarily listen to. for me, although her song’s are catchy, i just feel like her music sounds the same.

also, i would say that her current fanbase is of a younger demographic but i actually think that’s a good thing because as she grows as an artist, her audience will grow with her and she’ll attract more fans along the way especially as she grows as a woman and gains even more life experience.

however this new song ‘special’ i really like <💜💜💜>. its such a vibe. i think it sounds very grown for paigey {a direction she needs to continue in} and i think the autotune is perfect. it’s very subtle. i would love for her to make more music like this.

you know who this girl needs to collaborate with…,,, kirko bangz! yes, this girl needs to somehow, someway, get on a track with kirko bangz. it would sound too nice and elevate paigey to a level that i think she’s ready to be at now in terms of collaborating with different artists.

i think at this point paigey cakey just needs to drop track after track now, drop two more videos and then give us a mixtape for the new years. if tory lanez can do it {and yes i am comparing her to tory lanez because that’s who i think she is the female version of for the simple fact that she raps and sings and is real wavey} then i don’t see why she can’t <shrugs shoulders>.

you can find the song reposted on the CULTURECREEPR soundcloud page but checkout the video below.


[co-sign, co-sign] I guess we all need one of those from time to time..!

So Drake and Tory Lanez appear to have finally ended their long running feud. The real question is whether they’ll make music together. Personally, I hope not! 👀

People [DJ Akademiks mostly] always says Lanez bites Drake’s style [and a few other rappers] but how is a rapper who allegedly sounds and takes from everybody else in the game, gonna bring anything to a track with a rapper who supposedly sounds like him! <confused face>

I don’t even know how I feel about all of this but I hope Tory uses this to his advantage. Maybe, this is where the Drake reign even starts to go down hill… [but he’s won more billboards in one night than Michael Jackson, I hear you say]. Listen, we’re living in a culture where authenticity is no longer required to be deemed as credible. It’s all about the fame and the ‘here and now’ rather than being remembered as a Great. The word legend is thrown around so freely nowadays, that you can be deemed or declared a legend at any moment of your career. That’s nothing to brag or boast about. If anything it, it makes you basic because you don’t have a back catalogue of GREAT work. There’s also no real standout defining moment in your career as an artist, where people [the critics] can stay ‘it was that moment in time, they became the greatest artist of all time’.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. It makes sense for both Drake and Tory Lanez to be cordial. After all, Lanez is about to go on the Nobody’s Safe Tour with Future, and he and Drake are friends and maybe Drake might make an appearance….,, like who knows!!

Peep some of the YouTube comments below,  the day the photo dropped…



[drop one of clues bombs for a young yg like matt reed] @cthagod voice //. {lol}

I’ve been waiting for the longest to talk about TheMattReedProject on the blog. I think for me personally, why it’s taken so long is I’ve just been waiting for the right song to come out.

I was going to mention him just before he dropped ‘on my line’ but in all honesty I wasn’t really feeling the song and actually thought Matt might be taking a different route *musically* so decided to hold off. Then he released ‘know better’ and shortly after he dropped ‘slide’ with both tracks available to play on the 2017 Playlist on the CULTURECREEPR soundcloud page.

What I like the most about Matt is his manner and demeanor. It really shows through on every track. Hes got an OG swagga, mixed with being articulate and street smart which is a rarity amougst todays current climate of rap. He has an elimant of The Weeknd in terms of speaking on his feelings and his life but in a way thats relevant to him and in his style. It doesn’t come across as corny or fake and thats what I like. And, he also has that smooth boy talk, which for girls who like a book smart trapstar, it’s an added bonus.

My favorite Matt Reed album/EP… hmm, if you asked me 2 months ago I would have said ‘Forever A Student’ but the more I listen, ‘No Hesitation’ does it for me. It’s a well rounded project.

For the rest of 2017 Matt really has to stay consistent with the music. It’s crucial that he drops music regularly for more people to take notice and hear him. In all honesty, this guy is gonna need some kind of buzz . I think he needs a producer how Tory Lanez has Play Picasso, how Future has DJ Esco and so on.

If I could have Matt collaborate with anyone I would pick Tory Lanez [Tory needs to bring his New Toronto style and nothing less, none of that singing sh!t], Nipsey Hussle, Wale and possibly Future. I know a very diverse bunch, but from my perspective, Matt is literally a mixture of all 4 rappers. Matt’s rap style isn’t aggressive but you know he’s on his grind. I would like to hear more word play in his lyrics and definitely hear him spazz out more on tracks like ‘slide’.


Anyway [visuals] //. The New Toronto 2

I said this a while back [on Twitter] but Toronto belongs to Tory Lanez. Ever since he dropped Blue Jay Season, I definitely think that confirmed his position as the King of Toronto. If you’re still sleeping on this guy, then wake up!

Check out below the visuals for new song ‘Anyway’ which is off of his current mixtape ‘The New Toronto 2’ which you can definitely find reposted on the CULTURECREEPR soundcloud page.