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chip X ghetts [gets like that]

how mad were the visuals for this song?! had me feeling like i was watching this generations version of the mel b and missy elliott video [i want you back],,,.wild!

its really nice to hear chip spit bars with someone who’s his equal, lyrically.

more collabs from the both please.

its clear that chip has an artistic side, so it would be good to see him do something like travis scott and maybe create something visual for his fans. i’m not saying it has to be on the same scale as travis, but i feel like we’re in an era where artists aren’t just focusing on creating music, but they’re really stepping it up and taking it back to creating art for the culture through strong visuals/movies….

definitely watch the video below. you can listen to the track on the CULTURECREEPR soundcloud page and yessss the song is available on tidal. enjoy



[birds in a trap – travis scott]

drop one of clue’s bombs for a young nxgga like la flame! [cthagod voice]

i thank god that this generation has a creative like travis scott because he’s just too good.

as always la flame, my only advice is, don’t let these kardashian’s ruin you…lol! [i joke]

watch the short film for birds in a trap below and let me know what you think…


Nav //. producer from Toronto

If you’re not a fan of Nav then I don’t think you should continue to read this blog post -yikes!

I’m going to be completely honest when I say I’d never really heard about this guy other than when he was on ‘beibs in the trap’.

For those that don’t know, Nav is signed to the Weeknd’s XO label [pretty obvious if you ask me] and he’s definitely right at home over there. Nav has the whole ‘xan, lean, coca, shooters, can’t feel my face’ talk down to a T! But on a serious note, the production is very slick from start to finish and the emo vibe is present on all tracks but in a haunting kind of way and I like that.

I think for a first release Nav’s done really well. My only criticism is that for me, the album felt to short but in reality it was 11 tracks deep. Anymore, and it might have seemed like it was dragging on.

I  find it strange when people say this guy doesn’t have wordplay… I’m confused as this guy right here has wordplay and a flow so I don’t wanna hear of read about that nomore. Also, many reviewers have called his content repetitive. I think all rap fans need to acknowledge and keep in mind that rap music is new a new era and has a broader demographic now. So for some it will be repetitive, while for others, this is exactly what they’re doing so feel right at home listening to it. There are also people like me who just like to vibe and Nav’s music is a decent vibe.

Overall, I like this dude and will be keeping a lookout for his next project.


Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight 10/10…

Looking forward to when Travis drops his next project because creatively, he still has so much to give and as a fan, I’m excited to hear.

In all honestly, this is a much better body of work than Rodeo. I know this comment will be met with some scepticism but it’s down to personal choice and I’m sure I’m not the only Travis fan who feels this way.




first take


way back